My Booklet: Calling for Beginners by Beginners, which I wrote some years ago and of which there are a number of copies around the dance scene, contains a number of really easy dances along with thoughts on teaching and (for better or for worse) a lot of philosophical musings.

It also contains some examples of my hand-drawn, pen-and-ink flyers. These flyers were made at a time when I did not feel so many pressures to do other things. Today, I confess to freely borrowing from the flyers of that period via cutting and pasting, although I intend to begin generating from-scratch flyers in the near future.

When so much can be done so quickly and well with computer graphics, why bother? One reason is the frequent feedback I receive, that my flyers stand out, most people enjoy them. Another reason is that making them is a source of pleasure and satisfaction, even now in the age of the graphics tablet. As a marketer of sorts, I hope to convey, through them, the suggestion that there is something special about the event.

My ideas have evolved since1992, along with my pedagogy, and repertoire, but the booklet is potentially interesting and useful today. For more information about it, please contact me.

I am a writer by nature, so more is sure to come.

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