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Midnight in Montague

Reel de Gaspe/Celina

Kitchen Jig (David Kaynor)/Over the Causeway (Susan Conger)

Jamie Allen

Gm Schottische from Malung, Dalarna, Sweden

Saratoga Hornpipe/Forester's Hornpipe

Hollow Poplar/The Little Dutch Girl

Över Landet och Havet ("Over the Land and the Sea") from Malung repertoire

Levis Beaulieu/Reel du Remi/Reel de Ste. Antoine

Jack's Maggot

High Part of the Road/The Moon and Seven Stars/A Jig (Andrea Katz and David Kaynor)

Paddy's Trip to Scotland/Tracy's Turn (David Kaynor)

The Sunday River Waltz (Pete Sutherland)

All tunes not specifically credited are hoped to be traditional.

Midnight in Montague is Betsy Branch's and my recording of favorite fiddle duets, made mostly around midnight during the last week of August 2009.

We recorded straight to a Zoom H4 at 48 kHz in stereo. We did no editing other than occasional modest re-balancing to favor the melody and some reduction of ambient noise. Inevitably, a few mistakes can be heard but we don't think they detract. We're happy.

The recording resulted from a spur-of-the-moment decision during an informal jam session at the 2009 Folklife festival in Seattle. Betsy and I had found ourselves sitting together and, with growing delight, swapping harmonies. Seized by inspiration, I invited her to collaborate with me in a short "fiddle styles" concert set which I had planned to do alone. We hastily assembled some medleys and a waltz, and, with little actual practicing, we entrusted our onstage performance to our instincts and the deep connection we felt to each other's playing. It proved to be wonderful fun and we received much good feedback.

Plans formed. Betsy carved out a week for a visit to Montague Center. I found some gigs. Individually, in our homes on our separate coasts, we practiced. When Betsy arrived, we were ready, and the subsequent week was filled with music shared in kitchens, living rooms, dance halls, and the cheerfully funky and charming Montague Grange Hall where, mostly around midnight, we recorded.

I hope you like the result.

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